MBA of value

There are many myths around MBA programmes. Over the years, business school has been viewed as a retreat for bankers and consultants; a breeding ground for business leaders driven by greed and senseless ambition; a one-stop-shop for landing the best job and earning the best salary imaginable.

But things are changing.

In recent years – and across the globe — we have noticed the growth of a new, conscientious generation of management students. They are focused on a variety of non-traditional career paths including sustainability, social impact, and entrepreneurship. Human factors rather than just perfect test scores, huge salaries and top jobs have become increasingly important. This generation is interested in gaining an education that not only benefits themselves, but also benefits and contributes to society. In short, they want to make a positive impact on the world they live and work in. Business School and the traditional MBA have to evolve. And we acknowledge that.

Which is why we offer you an MBA of real value.

About RSM

At Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), we believe that business should be a force for positive change.

We believe in sustainability, in global social responsibility and in leadership that attains to the very highest standards of integrity and accountability.

We believe that we should strive for excellence in teaching, learning and the pursuit of research that can actively influence the way we do business in our world. At RSM, our world-leading faculty, our programme directors and our entire community of alumni and staff believe in personal commitment and responsibility.

We work to ensure that as an MBA student here, you understand that your decisions will profoundly affect organisations, society, the economy and the environment. And we work to equip you with the deep knowledge, the insights, the frameworks, skills, tools and the mindset to make the best decisions for sustainable business – wherever you go, whatever you do.

We work together to help you – and your classmates – become a force for positive change.

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